Good Moral Character for Citizenship Applications

According to USCIS, any citizen applicant must have at least five years of good moral character, or three years if the petitioner is married and living with a USC spouse. Such good moral character must be maintained when the application is pending and the loyalty oath is administered. It’s worth noting that the immigration officer may evaluate behaviors or actions that occurred before the five- or three-year period if they believe they are relevant to the applicant’s current moral character consideration. Lawyers at Carstarphenlaw provide our clients with compassion and professionalism. We dedicate time to every client to understand their specific needs to obtain citizenship. We do our best to avoid delays to give clients the best opportunity to obtain U.S. citizenship. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a U.S. immigration attorney for a free consultation.

Having a criminal record can affect a Naturalization application’s decision, regardless of the conclusion, and in extreme situations, it can even result in deportation. Furthermore, the applicant must not be on probation or parole when applying with USCIS. Almost all males aged 18 to 26, including undocumented immigrants, must register for the selective service.

If this registration did not occur within the three or five years before submitting the citizenship application, the application might be denied. In addition, if the customer has never registered, they must wait five years after turning 26 to apply, and they must submit a statement explaining why the registration was not completed on time. Finally, claiming U.S. citizenship or voting in federal or state elections is considered deportable. Due to assumptions made based on the person’s proficiency in the English language, etc., our office has had clients incorrectly registered to vote by school personnel or DMV officials in the past.

It is critical to submitting a detailed, precise, and accurate application to USCIS. The immigration officer will base their decision on the statements and responses provided on the application and the individual’s testimony during the interview. On a case-by-case basis, these decisions are taken.

We strongly suggest that you seek the advice of an expert immigration attorney in this case. If scouting for the best immigration attorney for citizenship, get in touch with us at Carstarphenlaw for professional assistance and guidance, which will help you throughout your application procedure.


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